BS Finance, CPT, CES, PES 

My Early Beginnings 

I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Finance in my 20’s and worked in that field for the next 18 years of my life feeling unfulfilled and stressed, and watching my health and fitness deteriorate over the years. 

15 years into the rat race I began to entertain thoughts of what I would prefer doing if money wasn’t an issue.  I took a long hard look at my interests, talents, and abilities over an extended period of time… and the one thing that kept coming up time and time again was health and fitness.  I thought how awesome it would be to make a living helping others achieve their health and fitness goals (while at the same time being immersed in an environment that would support my own goals).

I looked into becoming a Personal Trainer, but I thought, “Who would hire a 38 year old Internal Auditor (which is what I was at the time) as a Personal Trainer”?  I also realized that it would be difficult to give up my regular dependable salary in favor of a commission based occupation where I would be starting at the bottom of the totem pole.  I shut that thought down nearly as quickly as it came. 

So I continued in my business career traveling to places I didn’t really want to go (for weeks on end) doing things I didn’t want to be doing, and being away from my family way too much (physically as well as emotionally).  Over the next two years the pain of continuing down the path I was headed began to outweigh the perceived risks of changing careers. 

Through a very fortunate chain of events I was laid off with a severance package, and in 2007 I took a leap of faith and made the career change. I turned my back on the world of finance and auditing making a 180 degree career path shift. Needless to say, many people around me thought I was crazy to switch careers with a wife and five kids depending on my income, but I just kept on pursuing my dream anyway and I never looked back...  

Becoming A Master Trainer

...I decided it would be best initially to work for one of the major gyms in the area so I could get hands-on training by someone who had been doing this for a while, and also so I could observe other trainers to learn what worked and what didn’t.  I called several local gyms and spoke to each of their fitness managers to learn what was required to become a Personal Trainer.  I got certified as quickly as I could with a nationally recognized certification that most of the fitness managers seemed to favor.  Then I began applying for work.

I was hired by 24 Hour Fitness within a day of becoming Certified as a Personal Trainer (CPT). I quickly learned that to maximize the hourly rate I could charge I needed to become a Master Trainer which entailed obtaining two additional specialized certifications and to train at least 3,000 sessions. 

I opened my schedule up and worked the same amount of hours I was used to as an auditor (which was a lot).  Because of how many sessions I was training each month I qualified for incentives that the company was offering its trainers… among which were having the entrance fees paid in full for BOTH of the certification courses I needed to pass in order to become a Master Trainer.  I began immediately with my studies and kept my training schedule as full as I could.  It took me just under 18 months to meet the requirements to become a Master Trainer (a task that according to my fitness manager, took most trainers about three years to accomplish).  In the process i obtained specialist certifications in Corrective Exercise (CES), and Performance Enhancement (PES); and additionally became a Weight Management Specialist, and TRX Certified!

During that 18 month period I was actively training clients on average about 40 hours per week (which translated to 45-50 hours per week on the clock at the gym and then additional hours studying).  I was leading the club in sales for training sessions (re-signs as well as new business), supplements, and fitness monitoring devices.  I was putting in a lot of hours, but the difference was that I absolutely loved what I was doing for people and for me! I was passionate about what I was offering people and they could tell.  I was also passionate about what I was learning… not only about personal training, but about the body, about the direct correlation between proper nutrition and good health, about people, and about myself.  I learned that I was at my best personally and professionally when I was helping others to achieve their goals. 

I continued as a Master Trainer at 24 Hour Fitness training there for a little over five years before going out on my own in 2012 and I’ve had such an amazing journey helping hundreds of people along the way (myself and my own family included)! 

What I Learned

Along this path I have learned extremely effective ways to gain control over my time, my income, and my own health and fitness.  You're a health and fitness professional, so you know that much of what you do is to trade hours for dollars… and there are only so many hours you can work before your income is capped and you’ve crossed the line into a horrible work/life imbalance with few vacations and minimal time away from work. You also know the toll that those kinds of hours take on your own health and fitness.  Sure, there is a time and a place for launching your career, but you don’t want to be putting in 50-60 hour work weeks for your entire career… Right?!! That gets old really fast. 

A central part of my methods revolve around the heightened awareness and rising interest people everywhere have concerning natural solutions and more specifically, about essential oils – and the profound effect that therapeutic grade essential oils have on helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. 

By introducing my client base to the purest therapeutic grade essential oils on the market, and taking the time to really educate my clients on their proper use… it created such a profound value add for them that the way I did it more than doubled my annual income…

So enough about me!  I want to share what I have learned with YOU.  

I want to help you work smarter, not harder!  I want to share with you the tools, resources, & systems you can use that will support a much higher income for you… to eliminate the financial stress you are feeling, so you can have that time and money freedom that you’re looking for!  I want to empower you to set your own ideal working hours, but at the same time successfully give yourself massive raises in your income.  

I want you to have every hour that‘s open in your schedule booked with paying clients, and to have a waiting list of clients who are also engaged with you in programs that prepare them for your personalized one-on-one training with them that you are so sought after for.  

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